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I hope that you find something useful here and that it's valuable to you. I have a 12 week weight loss program designed to help Mom’s over 30 lose 20+pounds WITHOUT cutting carbs, hours of daily exercise, or BS Supplements; so they can lose the muffin top and feel confident in anything they wear.

Unlike other programs you’ve tried before that require shakes, special meals, or BS supplements just for you; I focus on foods that you can buy at your local grocery store that the whole family can enjoy so that you aren’t spending more money every single month buying & preparing different meals for everyone and are still able to lose weight.


I've always said that things happen for a reason, I believe you are here right now reading this thinking to yourself... "I wish I could lose the weight, but I've failed so many times before it's not even worth the attempt. " You are here because you are meant to be here....otherwise I'm just going to call you nosey.😂

If I told you that you literally have to hit rock bottom to get the best results; what would you say? Probably that I'm crazy.

But you see that's what happened to me. I hit rock bottom one day (literally in one day) and then boom just like that flipped the script and decided that I would lose the weight and love my body again. And I did. This is where a lot of people would be like "The End"; except I'm not a lot of people; I'm me. I had to share my story, I have to share that I know how it feels when you don't want your spouse to see you naked with the lights on. I had to figure out what I needed so that I could continue to mold my body into the one in my dreams, and you can too.

Remember that no one else's rock bottom looks like yours, you're unique, a rare treasure because there is only one you in this whole world.❤️

Get RESULTS in just 12 weeks

Inside of the Fit Ladies Movement we focus on:


You need something that doesn’t cause more havoc in your already busy life.

That means meals that the whole family can and will enjoy eating.

When you do this right, you’ll never be standing at the refrigerator wondering what’s for dinner every single day.

The way I teach you the Anti Diet Plan makes it easy to adapt into your life and still get to enjoy those GNO’s (Girl’s Night Out) without all of the guilt.


You need a solid exercise plan that gets results without hours of work. Most coaches want you to exercise 1-2 times a day 5-7 days a week. They’re also promoting TONS of Cardio, which just isn’t necessary for weight loss.

Using specifically tailored exercises, I create an effective and compact workout that only takes about 30 minutes 3 times a week.


You need to utilize the M.A.G. Method.

Coaches typically never bother to address the mindset, accountability,& gratitude piece that has literally caused you to fail time and time again.

By bringing your mindset in line with your goals I’m able to keep you accountable to help you FINALLY achieve the things you only dreamed of actually happening.

I help you focus on gratitude of not just your weight loss journey but your whole life, so that you become the woman with confidence whether with your spouse, out by yourself, or with your kids.


M.A.G Blog

Mindset, Attitude, & Gratitude for the busy Momma

In a time crunch? Here's 5 tips to help you out!

November 04, 20224 min read

Your health is an investment, not an expense.

5 Tips for Eating Healthy in a Time Crunch

The most common excuse I hear for not eating healthy or exercising is, “I don’t have time.” I get it, you’re busy, but guess what? So are your fit and healthy co-workers, neighbors, relatives and friends.

And by the way, there’s nothing “more special” or “unique” about them that magically grants them time to exercise and cook a healthy dinner. They make it a priority because they know how awesome life is when you feel dynamite.

While lack of time is a convenient (and common) excuse for living an unhealthy lifestyle, you must know in your heart of hearts that you deserve better. Right? I thought so!

Oh, and by the way? You can totally eat healthy even when you don’t have much time. Here are 5 tips to eating smart even when you’re constantly on the go.

Tip #1: Be Prepared.

When you’re crazy-busy, the best way to guarantee adherence to your healthy diet is preparation. It takes the same amount of time to unwrap a banana and a hard-boiled egg as it does to unwrap a sugar-laden breakfast treat from the vending machine.

Of course, the vending machine fare seems easier because it’s always there. This means that your job is the make sure that the banana and hardboiled egg are always there, too. You and I both know that you’re already spending time shopping for and purchasing food. So why not use that time more constructively and purchase healthy food?

Schedule time on the weekend to do your grocery shopping for the whole week. If you don’t like cooking, buy a rotisserie chicken, remove the skin and turn it into five different meals for the week. Badda-bing, badda boom. Done.

Tip #2: Create Go-To Meals.

Most people habitually eat the same few meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Count me as one of them.

I start every morning with a coffee with almond milk. I enjoy it with one of my four regular breakfasts: egg white veggie scramble, Healthier Starbucks Egg Cups, Salsa Scrambled eggs, Apple Cinnamon Protein Oatmeal (there's NO protein powder involved in this one!)

What are your healthy go-to meals? Create your own that can be made easily and eaten even when you’re brain dead. When you have these go-to healthy meals in your back pocket, it’s almost like you’re putting your weight loss journey on autopilot. Spending two hours on Sunday to plan your meals for the week will save you time, money and calories.

Tip #3: Make It Mobile.

During the week, resist the temptation to patronize restaurants, vending machines and conference room potlucks by packing your healthy lunch. When you prepare your own food, you are 100% in charge of the ingredients. All the cool kids are doing it.

There are many fashionable and functional soft coolers available these days. I have one that looks so much like a purse that I may have inadvertently snuck a healthy lunch into a venue that prohibited outside food. If there’s a will, there’s a way!  ;-)

If your job keeps you on the road all day, invest in a cooler or hot pot that plugs into your car. Need something even simpler?  There’s always the good ol’ Thermos. You’ll be grateful come 3:00 pm when you’ve passed up the salty gas station sandwich for your own homemade salad. There’s nothing worse than an afternoon slump that could have been avoided!

Tip #4: Know Thy Restaurants.

Even with your best intentions and pre-planning, an unscheduled dining out experience could crash your healthy living party.

Thankfully, most restaurants have healthy choices on their menus. If they don’t have something that fits your plan, don’t be shy: ask them to prepare a special dish. You’re the boss!

Check those menus online before you go! Most restaurants now have their menus online making it easy to see what's in store.

Tip #5: Don’t Give Up.

The first week of planning will take longer, but once you get into a rhythm, you’ll save time and money.  If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t eat 100% healthy, watch your portion sizes. And remember: perfection isn't required for healthy living, just hop back on the horse at your next meal.

Bottom Line: If you choose to eat healthy, you can do it with simple preparation. I never leave the house without a protein bar because when I get hungry, I have to eat. Otherwise I turn into a cranky three-year old who wants to pound sand while throwing a tantrum and eating a gallon of ice cream. Trust me, it’s ugly, so I avoid it at all costs.

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