Mom, Wife, Trainer, All the things...

I'm a mom of 2 boys, a wife of 13 years, I volunteer with my local Soccer League, and fundraise for Wreaths Across America.

Maryland is where I was born and raised and still reside. From the mountains to the beach; Maryland is in my veins. There's often a joke about us Marylander's having Old Bay in our veins... I'm thinking that might be true!

I love acai bowls, the perfect cup of coffee, and flip flops.

My passion in life has become helping women see their true potential and giving them a way to express their emotions through fitness.

I'd have to say my favorite exercise is anything glute related...I adore leg day! Something about those powerhouse glutes going to work and the touch of soreness afterwards; I crave it!

I love food; pretty much all food except Sushi...Mexican though, is probably one of my favorites! I love to search out ways to take those family favorite recipes and put a healthier twist on them!

Fun fact about me is that I am "double jointed" in my elbows!

I can't wait to know you more!